Nascar Country

Morris International starts “NASCAR Country” Radio Network, the most powerful radio syndication in America, combining Nashville’s hit tracks and NASCAR’S hot tracks

    • 1993 – NASCAR Country nominated as the 1993 “Network / Syndicated Program of the Year” by Billboard Magazine.


    • 1994 – NASCAR Country carried by 255 affiliates across the US and Europe. Reaches cumulative audience of 3.5 million listeners.


    • 1995 – NASCAR Country carried by 280 affiliates across the US and Europe.


    • 1996 – Morris International signs Food Lion as the Title Sponsor for NASCAR Country which grew to 305 affiliates in 1996


    • 1997 – For the second time, NASCAR Country is nominated by Billboard Magazine as “Network / Syndicated Program of the Year.”


    • 1998 – Once again, Billboard Magazine nominated NASCAR Country in the category of “Network / Syndicated Program of the Year.” This is the third time in the seven year history of the show.


    • 1998 – NASCAR Country continues to expand its reach across the US and Europe increasing to over 330 affiliates.


  • 1998 – Morris International creates Country Thunder. This daily two minute vignette is the perfect compliment to the weekly NASCAR Country program. It gives the listener their daily dose of Nashville’s hit tracks and NASCAR’s hot tracks.